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Burj Dubai in the evening

Emaar Properties’s signature Downtown Burj Dubai development has seen a fall of over 20 percent in property values. Some of the properties within the Burj Dubai tower have now reduced by up to 50 percent.

This goes in line with our report earlier this month on Dubai’s property prices falling. Many developers are now forced to sell their overflow cheaper than they’d hoped for in order to save them from certain bankruptcy. It also seems that high end developments are affected more so in Dubai than the middle and lower market.

tribeca townhouses new york city

Located in the very heart of New York City, Tribeca Townhomes have been designed to combine contemporary urban design with environmental sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Paying homage to Lower Manhattan’s industrial past, the 6 one-, two- and three-bedroom properties are completed and have been constructed using traditional design elements such as limestone and architectural iron design.

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Troiaresort Modern chic combined with a fascinating history can be found at Troiaresort, a new development on the Blue Coast, just 30 minutes south of Lisbon.

Troia has been considered an area rich in Roman history ever since the 16th century and excavations in its Roman Ruins were commissioned by Queen Maria I of Portugal in the 18th century. Significant archaeological discoveries include marble pieces like inscriptions, friezes and sarcophagi, coins, ceramic and glass pieces from the day-to-day of populations from the Roman Empire.

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We just had to blog about this one we stumbled on from the Bulgarian news site, Sofia Echo. It’s basically a deal from an Irish man by the name of PJ Doherty who is offering a ‘free’ Bulgarian apartment on the Black Sea coast to buyers of any of his five remaining units in his 44 unit resort development in Milford, Northwest Ireland.

Peter, apparently started selling his 44 unit development last year but got stuck with five units for the last eight months. Having another development on the Black sea coast, he embarked on his buy one get one free scheme. Given the current climate in the Irish real estate market, desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures.

He has been featured on the BBC and a stream of other top UK newspapers. As a result of his viral PR campaign, Doherty had managed to shift two out of the five remaining units as at September 10.


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Group Reaches Out To Investors Following Investment Grade Ratings For Romania

Charlotte, North Carolina — Carpatia Resorts srl. (a group of experienced developers primarily from the United States but also including key personnel from the UK and Dubai, U.A.E.) has completed land acquisition for the Carpatia Resorts and Conference Centre, a luxury eco-resort in the pristine Cuicas Mountains area of Romania’s Transylvania region.
Robert Day of WATG, one of the world’s leading hospitality design firms, describes the property as ‘the last large scale mountain resort possible in Europe.’

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Lago Vista 2 IMPZ (Dubai)

Lago Vista 2 is a mediterranean inspired, 24 storey residential development gracefully designed around a crescent-shaped portico. It is to be a green development offering residents well manicured lawns, breathtaking fountains and spectacular gardens. Unique floor designs offer residents breathtaking picturesque views of Arabian Ranches and the glittering lights of Dubailand.

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gated-community-150x150.jpgIndia’s rising middle class residents, seem to be catching ‘Gated Community’ fever for security and luxuries on offer. With the exodus of the return of non Resident Indians (NRIs) to India booming at the moment, a ‘private neighbourhood’ trend is rapidly catching on in the domestic property market.

For a small annual premium, residents are protected from sporadic water and power cuts, everyday civil problems, and unpicked garbage cans. The communities tend to be self sustaining providing their own power, water, security and sanitation services.

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It’s official – according to Nationwide Building Society, the average cost of homes in the UK have plunged by 10.5% within the last 12 months to the end of August

UK housing is currently facing trying times as house prices fall at their fastest rate in 18 years. The rate has been at its fastest this month (August 2008) recording a drop by 1.9 per cent, following drops of 1.5 per cent and 0.9 per cent in July and June respectively.

All this is in the midst of Taylor Wimpey’s massive £1.5 billion loss and two-thirds loss of their stock value.

Is this going to hamper or encourage overseas property investment by Brits?