Torontos Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods

Torontos Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods

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Toronto has something to offer everyone. It is home to several diverse, luxurious, and historical neighborhoods that leave home buyers with a plethora of options. Home buyers looking for that ideal piece of Toronto need look no further than 5 luxurious communities; Bridle Path, Lawrence Manor, Chaplin Estates, Davisville and Willowdale East.  All 5 offer enticing combinations of value, prestige and access to the city.  There is something here for even the most discerning homebuyer.

Bridle Path: Average Home Price $2,234,881 CAD (April 2014)

Bridle Path is also known as “Millionaires Row” because many of the homes sell well in excess of a million dollars.  It is host to some of the wealthiest home owners in Canada as a result. Bridle Path contains an exclusive collection of homes nestled within the lush Don River Valley and surrounding parklands. This provides an ideal backdrop for these stately homes, many of which are situated on two-acre lots. There are few roads running through the community which gives the region a quiet and secluded feel while still being located close to shopping, schools and entertainment along Bayview Avenue.

Lawrence Manor: Average Home Price $1,388,570 CAD (May 2014)

Lawrence Manor was mostly farmland in the early 1900’s. The land was purchased by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation for residential development. At the time the Lawrence Plaza was the largest shopping center in Toronto, drawing attention to the newly developed area. The neighborhood is family oriented and is easily accessible by public transit and major highways.  It has a large Jewish community and it is home to Jewish schools and cultural centres, synagogues, restaurants and retail shops.

Chaplin Estates: Average Home Price $1,058,073 CAD (March 2014)

Right from the beginning Chaplin Estate was known and marketed as a high class residential district. There was a long list of building restrictions and by-laws such as those that excluded semi-detached homes. The area was first called Eglinton and was settled by the Chaplin family in 1860. The area hosts desirable examples of Tudor, Georgian and English Cottage Style architecture.  The majority of homes were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The neighborhood hosts few if any rental opportunities although occasionally a homeowner does choose to rent their home. Chaplin Estate has a wealth of shopping and entertainment options close by.  The luxury shopping center known as The Eglinton Way is located a short walk from Chaplin Estates. The Young Street shopping district is also close by.  Residentscan also enjoy the convenient amenities such as the North Toronto Community Centre. The main road is Eglinton Avenue which means that there are a number of transportation options available to residents such as the 2 subway stations and it is a 15 minute drive to the city center. Due to all these factors this neighborhood has become desirable with young families.

Davisville:  Average Home Price $704,659 CAD (March 2014)

Davisville brings a small town feel to the heart of the city.  This is a “planned neighborhood” in Toronto’s evolving urban sprawl and will remain untouched by the rapidly rising condo developments.  The homes in the area were mostly built in the 1920’s and retain the Edwardian and English Cottage style charm of that period.  Homes are situated on narrow lots that allow each home to have a small yard. The area is predominately made up of two demographic niches, young families and aging couples.  Seniors make up approximately 20% of the population, with some staying in the same home for over 30 years.  Young families benefit from the close proximity of several public and private schools.

Willowdale East: Average Home Price $687,902 CAD (February 2014)

According to an infographic by Real Estate Brokers, Slavens & Associates the average price of a detached home in this area is $1,330,637 and the average condo price is $552,356. Willowdale East has seen the older bungalows being slowly replaced by newer homes as the area experiences a rebirth. The majority of the residents are first generation Canadians. Newcomers to the area have been attracted to the well regarded schools which have specialized arts programs. Restaurants and retail shops reflect the increasing levels of diversity in the area.

Bridle Path, Lawrence Manor, Chaplin Estates, Davisville and Willowdale East all offer unique levels of luxury and convenience.  Toronto is a proven world class city with many options for anyone to choose from. Each neighborhood has features and amenities that any buyer could fall in love with.  Regardless of needs, buyers should be able to find an ideal home in one of these luxurious neighborhoods.