World’s Most Expensive Homes – 2008

World’s Most Expensive Homes – 2008

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In last year’s most expensive homes in the world we saw some stunning and unbelievable properties, owned by some of the richest people on earth. This year not much has changed and we are sure you would agree with us that those homes are indeed regal and outstanding in architecture and design, therefore deservedly owing those hefty price tags only reserved for a few.

1. Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California – $125m

Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California - $125m

This $125 million estate was modelled after Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles, France. It encompasses 45,000 square feet and took five years to build in all. It all came to fruition when Suzanne Saperstein accumulated five acres in the 1990s.

What was once a dream became a reality and today Fleur de Lys features a 50-seat screening room, an nine care auto garage with a treasured collection of automobiles and a library filled with first-edition books.

2. Jacobean Manor, Greenwich, Connecticut – $125m

Jacobean Manor, Greenwich, Connecticut - $125m

The manor sits proudly on 40 acres of rolling green hills, broken only by lawns and meadows to provide ample privacy for the owners. The 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms are spread over 21,897 square feet. Features such as marble floors, vaulted ceilings, limestone walls, bay windows and wood panelling impress the ficklest of visitor.

There is also a 52-foot long indoor swimming pool. Ah yes, the manor is priced at a hefty $125 million.

3. Updown Court Windlesham, Surrey, England – $110m

Updown Court Windlesham, Surrey, England

Currently UK’s most expensive home, this 103-room property is larger than either Buckingham or Hampton Court palace and is made up of 58 acres of gardens and woodlands. A grand entrance and several ballrooms make this home a dream for sleeping beauty and the whole setting is very idyllic.

A panic room, a 50-seat cinema, helipads, an indoor squash court, space for 8 limousines and even a heated marble driveway make this property a residence fit for a king. It comes with a $110 million price tag. Official website of Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrrey.

4. ‘Tranquility’ Lake Tahoe, Nevada – $100m

“Tranquility” Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Situated on the tax-free side of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe, this 210-acre property is owned by Joel Horowitz, the co-founder of fashion label Tommy Hilfiger. He built the property from scratch.

The house is made up of 20,000 square feet of living space and modelled after a northern European mountain home. It also has a 3,500-bottle wine cellar, an indoor swimming pool and atrium, as well as a 19-seat movie theatre, ensuring constant entertainment, even if snowed in. It is worth $100 million.

5. Eurasia Estate, Moscow, Russia – $100m

Eurasia Estate, Moscow, Russia

No list is complete without a bit of Russian flavour. This property consists of an 11,700-square-foot manor house, as well as two 4,000-square-foot guest houses and a massive 91,000-square-foot recreation centre that features a pool, Turkish and Russian baths, a gym, sauna and lounges. Eurasia is worth $100 million.

6. Hillandale, Stamford, Connecticut – $95m

Hillandale, Stamford, Connecticut - $95m

You will be forgiven to think you are looking at an English country manor when you see Hillandale. With a stone construction, hedged and manicured gardens, a grassy tennis court and distinctive chimneys, this 20,000-square-foot residence has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Hillandale is so big that the property straddles the New York-Connecticut border. The grounds also include four guest and staff residences and two barns, all connected by five miles of private roads. The price tag is $95 million.

For more photos, check out the Sotheby’s listing website (the official agents).

7. BootJack Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado – $88m

BootJack Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The ranch includes a massive 3,100 acres of land. This luxury property is much more than a working ranch. The main house alone is 13,800 square feet and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Further, outlying guest cabins and lodges can host up to 50 people and bring the total interior space up to 77,000 square feet. In addition, there’s a 12,000-square-foot spa and aquatic centre. Just the right thing to soak your weary feet at the end of a long working day. That is if you can part with $88 million.

8. Villa Leopolda, Cote d’Azur, France – $88m

Villa Leopolda, Côte d'Azur, France - $88m

The French Riviera has long been the playground for the rich and famous. Therefore seeing this stunning, 11-bedroom, 14-bathroom mansion with 29,000 square feet of interior space is no surprise. The home opens up to manicured lawns and a swimming pool.

Spiraling outdoor staircases and plenty of balconies  and terraces offer splendid views across the Mediterranean Sea and of the surrounding hillsides. Working fireplaces, a sauna, outdoor kitchen and pool house are other features at Villa Leopolda. Costing $88 million.

9. Bel Air, California – $85m

Wallace Neff Bel Air, California Mansion- $85m

Famous architect Wallace Neff designed this estate which is situated on seven acres of land in the Holmby Hills area of Bel Air. The home has meticulously groomed lawns, walking paths and gardens. Inside you will find 12-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms and a giant atrium with curving hallways.

There is also a tennis court and pool. The home is priced at $85 million.

10. Southhampton, Village Oceanfront Sanctuary New York – $80m


The interior space of this 13,500 square feet home runs across four stories and contains nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, four powder rooms and a movie theatre. The home is situated between a pond and the ocean giving it a unique position, and there is 1,000 feet of shore front and 1,000 feet of pond front.