When is enough enough? Most expensive homes

When is enough enough? Most expensive homes

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Mukesh Ambani, the Indian magnate, came in for some flack recently as work started on his 173 meter tall, 27 storey, personal high rise in Mumbai.

No one ever said that having a lot of money assured you of good taste as well, and the only criticism I can offer is that maybe it wasn’t in the best possible taste to build this monument to wealth creation slap bang in a city littered with beggars, lepers and homeless people. I mean, for goodness’ sake, a man should be able to spend his money how he sees fit.

Rich people have built personal houses worth the equivalent of a small country’s income before, but most of them had the good sense to do it out of sight of the hoi poloi.

This particular palace will come complete with 6 floors for parking, 3 helipads, 1600 full time staff and views over the Arabian sea.

Work on ‘Antilla,’ is expected to be completed late 2008. Whether the finished product will be as attractive as the name suggests, remains to be seen. Antilla is a mythical island said to lie in the ocean west of Spain.

In the meantime, after exhaustive research I have collected some photos and information on other ‘most expensive’ houses around the world that the owner’s sensibly built in slightly more remote locations. They are in no particular order.

Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey, UK.

According to Forbes, the current most expensive house in the world comes complete with heated marble driveway, a 50 seat cinema and a ‘Panic Room,’ whatever that is. Price tag: $138 Million.

Genesis, Hong Kong.

The interesting feature of this house, apart from the fact that it sits atop Victoria Peak, is the fact that it was subject to a repossession order back in 2001 when then owner Wong Kwan ran into financial difficulties.

The Pierre Hotel Penthouse, New York City, USA

The Pierre Hotel is owned by a housing co-operative and apparently the board have turned down several offers for this three story penthouse. This one has to be the ‘most expensive apartment’ winner. Price tag: $70 million.

Bridgehampton, New York, USA.

60 acres of prime Hampton’s farmland converted to an Uber-estate. 14 gardens and 25,000 square feet. Price tag: $75 million.

The Hala Ranch. Aspen, Colorado, USA

The 95-acre estate was originally purchased and given its name by Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The main house on the property was built by the architectural firm of Hagman Yaw in 1991. The estate has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the most expensive home in the United States. Price tag: $135 million.

‘Tranquility’ Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Joel Horowitz, the co founder of Tommy Hilfiger is selling this 210 acre property which is located on the tax free side of Lake Tahoe. Price tag: $100 million

Kensington Palace.

Birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria. Today it is the official residence of The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester; the Duke and Duchess of Kent; and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Price tag: Dammit, this one’s not supposed to go on sale until next week. Please don’t tell anyone.