Trump Realty Hits Brazil

Trump Realty Hits Brazil

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golf-course-by-beach-seaside Brazil has definitely become the hottest emerging property market in Latin America, having just received what during the boom came to be known as the emerging market seal-of-approval, investment by Donald Trump and the well known Trump Organisation.

An example of this seal of approval is Panama, during the boom Panama’s construction boom was the hottest in Latin America, and the world, at which point Trump graced it with a Trump Tower, a massive multi-purpose (commercial, luxury-residential, hotel, condos, casino(s)) sky-scraper in Panama City, which we have all no-doubt heard about.

At the time resorts around the world saw construction start under the Trump Organisation halo of ultimate luxury, real-prime property, but the latest investment in Brazil (the first, we believe since the bust) is different and even more of a testament to Trump’s belief in Brazil’s potential.

Most — if not all — of his previous investments have involved a franchise, whereby other parties buy the benefits of the Trump brand, while Trump’s part in the organisation of building work, management of construction etc is minimal. But the investment in Brazil is the 50/50 (well, 50/25/25); a joint venture between the newly formed Trump Realty Brazil S/A which owns 50%, and Brazilian businessman Ricardo Bellino, who owns the other 50% along with his EGO Empreendimentos e Participa partners, and he will be heading Trump Brazil’s organization.

“We have a promising future in taking our brand to Brazil”, said Donald Trump Jr., emphasizing that it could not be a better date and suitable moment to announce the new partnership (the partnership was announced on September 7th, Brazilian Independence Day).

“The Brazilian market excellence is well known worldwide. The development, the construction and the architecture are among the most advanced in the planet. Brazil is evoking international investors’ attention that intends to act in all Brazilian real estate areas. In the globalization era the long term foreign capital is really welcome, especially with Brazilian companies’ partnerships”, Yazbek declares.