Brazil’s Northeast: A Good Bet For Investors

Brazil’s Northeast: A Good Bet For Investors

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Brazil is hot property right now and has been for a couple of years. In fact, some of Brazil’s hottest regions have appreciated a lot in the last five years. Some say the situation is much like it was in southern Spain some 20 years ago.

Fact is, Brazil is only a bit over 8 hours flight from Britain and can be easily accessed from all over Europe with regular flights. When the new northeastern airport is built in 2010, it will open even more doors for overseas travellers. Right now, the country is still in its infant stages when we look at statistics in terms of overseas travel arrivals.

New investors are keeping their eyes on the popular northeast, where thousands of beautiful white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop to living in a pristine paradise.

Once sleepy fishing villages have been developed into classy and luxurious resort developments that leave not much else to wish for. The balmy, tropical weather is reason enough to hop across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a new and less complicated life.

Northeastern states

Many forget that Brazil is a large country. The northeast region is as big as Germany, Britain, Italy and France combined. The region is broken up into the following nine states:

  1. Rio Grande do Norte,
  2. Maranhao,
  3. Piaui,
  4. Ceara,
  5. Paraiba,
  6. Pernambuco,
  7. Alagoas,
  8. Sergipe and
  9. Bahia

Salvador in Bahia, Fotaleza in Ceara, Joao Pessoa in Paraiba and Recide in Pernambuco are the largest populated cities within the northern states. each of these cities have more than 1 million residents.


Brazil’s economy is strong and ever growing. The country has been predicted to rank as the world’s fifth largest economy by 2050. The low cost of living is one of the major attractions for overseas investors as the dollar buys more. In terms of economic slow down around the world, this is not to be underestimated.

Good health care, ample resources in coffee, fuel, sugar cane, oranges and more assure a lively international trade to keep those dollars flowing.

Many large scale developments give investors plenty of reasons to make the move as Brazil’s population becomes more and more affluent. The current middle class is predicted to increase by over 50% over the coming years and over 140,000 current millionaires speak enough volumes about the current health of the Brazilian economy.

Brazil is also said to be a top producer of shoes, cars, mobile phones, cosmetics and more.

In times of political uproar it is also worth mentioning that Brazil’s political environment is considered safe and stable.


The cost of living in Brazil is favoured by many expats. The wonderful natural environment is so diverse that overseas visitors are impressed by the sheer beauty of it all. Friendly locals and good cuisine as well as the zest for life Brazilians are famous draws for many to take a closer look.

Capoeira Dancers in Natal [credits: Fabio via flickr]

There are no hurricanes or tsunamis threats in Brazil due to the ideal location.

Increasing tourism is also securing future job markets while bringing more dollars into the region.

Reasons to invest

If the above information hasn’t watered your appetite to become a property investor in Brazil, then perhaps the following might be. You can buy fully furnished resort apartments for as low as GBP £63,312 +/-

Land on new plots can also be had for as little as GBP £8,483. If you are a non-Brazilian, you have equals rights once you become a property investors with freehold titles.

What are you waiting for?

In all fairness, there are always drawbacks to every property Cinderella story and no doubt there will be in Brazil as well. However, despite some of them, there are plenty of reasons why you should buy in Brazil right now.

Affordability is perhaps one of the biggest. Of course it is hard to look past the ever lasting sunshine with more than 300 days in the year.