Property Investors to Look To Indian Property

Property Investors to Look To Indian Property

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India’s ‘crunch-proof’ property market brought to London by

As house prices in London and surrounding areas are in freefall, some selling for over £50,000 less than originally purchased, London property investors are looking to India for profitability where Merrill Lynch has predicted a 700 per cent increase in property prices by 2015.

A seminar at the City Hotel, Brick Lane, London, at 7pm on September 17th will give London property investors valuable information on how they can benefit from investing in India’s thriving property sector.

It is hosted by – the company that brings investment opportunities from the most up-and-coming areas of India to the UK.

Attendees will gain detailed knowledge of the Indian economy and the long term sustainable factors driving its rapid growth; they will also discover the areas that give the greatest capital appreciation on investment and will have the opportunity to listen to expert guidance on the purchasing process. The seminar will cover all aspects of the market, including Indian property law, to give investors all the information they need to escape the doldrums of the UK property market and to take full advantage of India’s booming economy.

Mother India

The seminar will also explain how London’s non-resident Indian community can give back and profit by investing in their motherland.

India’s strong economic growth reflects the profound changes occurring in society. Over half of India’s current population is under 25, giving India the world’s largest population of workers and consumers by 2020. Increased urbanisation and modern young Indians preferring to live on their own means demand for housing has never been higher. Mortgage lending increased tenfold between 2000 – 2005 yet the ratio of mortgages to GDP remains low, which shows the massive potential in the property market.

Andrew Fassnidge, Managing Director of said, “This seminar will show both UK investors and non-resident Indians how easy, effective and profitable investing in India can be. All the economic indicators project a bright, sustainable future for India with Merrill Lynch predicting a seven-fold increase in the Indian property market by 2015. In the last two years alone, property prices in India increased by 70 per cent. Industry commentators are mooting that whilst the USA and Europe look to be involved in an economic downturn, emerging markets such as India, may be the ‘crunch proof’ economies. Anyone with even a small amount of capital should come along to the seminars to find out what opportunities there are for them to escape the UK property decline.”

Attendance can be secured for the 17th of September by signing up at or calling 020 7242 2452