Indians Embracing Gated Community Living

Indians Embracing Gated Community Living

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gated-community-150x150.jpgIndia’s rising middle class residents, seem to be catching ‘Gated Community’ fever for security and luxuries on offer. With the exodus of the return of non Resident Indians (NRIs) to India booming at the moment, a ‘private neighbourhood’ trend is rapidly catching on in the domestic property market.

For a small annual premium, residents are protected from sporadic water and power cuts, everyday civil problems, and unpicked garbage cans. The communities tend to be self sustaining providing their own power, water, security and sanitation services.

Indian jet-setters regularly commuting between India and other global cites seem to have bought into the gated community idea the most. These residents who often leave their Indian homes for months now depart without fear of break-ins due to the extra tight security in their communities.

On the high-end of the gated community sector are fully serviced luxury residential complexes that have all the luxuries of 5-star hotels. They typically have well manicured lawns, golf courses, cricket pitches, private shopping malls, swimming pools, saunas, clubhouses, spas, jogging trails and gymnasiums

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