Buy One Get One Free – Bulgarian Apartments

Buy One Get One Free – Bulgarian Apartments

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We just had to blog about this one we stumbled on from the Bulgarian news site, Sofia Echo. It’s basically a deal from an Irish man by the name of PJ Doherty who is offering a ‘free’ Bulgarian apartment on the Black Sea coast to buyers of any of his five remaining units in his 44 unit resort development in Milford, Northwest Ireland.

Peter, apparently started selling his 44 unit development last year but got stuck with five units for the last eight months. Having another development on the Black sea coast, he embarked on his buy one get one free scheme. Given the current climate in the Irish real estate market, desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures.

He has been featured on the BBC and a stream of other top UK newspapers. As a result of his viral PR campaign, Doherty had managed to shift two out of the five remaining units as at September 10.